Our Medical Spa Team in Maryland

Our Maryland-based medical spa is home to a highly trained team of providers, offering a wide range of aesthetic rejuvenation therapies and spa services, designed to refresh, reawaken and restore your youthful vitality.

We provide world-class aesthetic enhancements, skin care, medical weight management, and nutritional education, along with acupuncture and clinical weight loss therapy. We take a holistic, supportive approach to help make healthy living a part of your everyday life and to enhance your natural beauty in the process.

Margaret M. Rajnic, DNP, FNP-C, RN

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Margaret Rajnic skin doctor Bethesda MDDr. Margaret Rajnic is a board-certified Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with extensive experience in providing medical spa services including Botox, dermal fillers, and Kybella, designed to help patients restore and maintain their youthful appearance. Her approach with every patient is holistic and supportive. Dr. Rajnic can advise patients on a variety of treatment options and lifestyle adjustments to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. For over 20 years, she has served in both private and public sectors of healthcare.


Christina Hancock

Medical Aesthetician

Christina Hancock aesthetician in Bethesda MarylandChristina Hancock received her training as a medical aesthetician from the Aesthetic Institute of Cosmetology. Her passion for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the largest organ of the body led her to medical aesthetics. Her passionate approach to skin care caught the eye of a plastic surgeon whom she apprenticed for and she quickly became his lead technician in the operating room.

As a beauty artist, she is very detail-oriented with eyelash extensions and makeup. It is extremely important for her to study her clients’ skin, ask about their daily habits and educate them so she can customize a specific skin care regimen for them. Christina is keen on keeping up with the latest technology and products so she can incorporate them in her services. She is diverse in her craft and specializes in all skin types, ethnicities and complexions.

Product selection is a huge piece of her craft and she is very particular about what she uses and studies the ingredients carefully. In addition, she knows nutrition plays a big role in different skin conditions and the chemistry makeup of the skin. Christina’s goal is to give her clients the most effective treatment, therefore she’s constantly educating herself on both topical and natural products.

Eri Nakazono


Eri Nakazono, Acupuncturist in Bethesda MarylandEri Nakazono is both a licensed acupuncturist and registered nurse. She currently holds three degrees: a master of science in acupuncture (MSAc) from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), a bachelor of professional studies (BPS) from PCOM, and a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) from New York University. Eri has a strong background in western medicine, having worked as both a medical-surgical nurse and psychiatric nurse. She has worked both nursing specialties in hospital settings, however, her greatest passion lies in acupuncture and holistic medicine.

The primary modalities she uses include acupuncture, tui na massage and/or Japanese handwork, as well as lifestyle recommendations like dietary and exercise modifications. She loves working as a member of an interdisciplinary team of healers and welcomes the use of various forms of medicine and wellness activities. She encourages patients to bring any test results and other information given by a primary care physician, as this knowledge will both deepen understanding of your overall health, and will also give you the chance to discuss any concerns you may have about any preexisting conditions you may be experiencing.


Evelyn Argueta

Permanent Cosmetic Artist / Microblading Specialist

Evelyn Argueta microblading eyebrows specialist in MarylandEvelyn Argueta is a certified permanent cosmetic artist. Knowing the importance of saving time in this fast-paced world, Evelyn has always enjoyed coming up with solutions to save time and make life go a little smoother. Working in the customer satisfaction field for over 10 years, Evelyn formed a true passion for client satisfaction. Evelyn was trained at The Esthetic Institute, after which she became certified as a permanent cosmetic artist. She also holds certifications in blood borne pathogens and CPR, AED, and first aid care. During her training, Evelyn quickly became passionate about delivering quality, all natural, face-enhancing results. Evelyn has dedicated countless hours to learning and understanding skin types and color theory to ensure the best results for clients. The most rewarding part of her job is seeing her clients’ reactions and feeling like she really made a positive difference in their lives. Evelyn is currently an apprentice esthetician gaining extensive knowledge from a Master Medical Esthetician to maximize and gain the deepest level of understanding of the body’s largest organ.

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